Nadácia Poštovej banky

The foundation NADÁCIA POŠTOVEJ BANKY was founded by Poštová banka in 2007 with the aim of supporting children and young people from orphanages and socially disadvantaged families in developing their talent for water sports. First projects in the field of water sports included the Swimming camp of Martina Moravcova and Sporting family of Juraj Bača. Later, the support was extended to other areas, too.

Today the foundation provides a space for developing hockey talents through the Hockey School of Zdeno Cíger and the project Looking for New Stars the aim of which is to help children in Spiš to meaningfully spend their leisure time.

The foundation does not shy from the area of health care and social welfare either. In 2011 it became a partner of the Children's University Hospital at Kramáre, Bratislava where the foundation contributed to building the Intensive Care Unit at the Paediatric Surgery Clinic. Based on individual requests the foundation is trying to help people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged families.

Since 2011, the Foundation provides space for the implementation of employee projects of Poštová banka Group.

In 2012 the Foundation has financially contributed to opening a Canadian size hockey field in the town of Spišské Vlachy. The Foundation together with children from social centres made a new colourful face for the Lafranconi Bridge in Bratislava. This activity is part of the project “Revitalisation of cycling routes in the territory of Bratislava” supported also by NADÁCIA POŠTOVEJ BANKY foundation.

The objective of NADÁCIA POŠTOVEJ BANKY foundation for 2012 is to continue with their ongoing long-term projects, as well as to provide space to new projects.

Another important area of support is education, in which the foundation cooperates with the Slovak National Museum supports on the project the School at the Museum. The project provides children from orphanages and socially disadvantaged families the opportunity to experience interactive learning in various museums throughout Slovakia.

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