Poisťovňa Poštovej banky

This insurance company became part of the Poštová banka Group in 2008 by Poštová banka acquiring 100 percent shares of Poisťovňa Tatra.

The history of Tatra insurance company dates back to 1940 when Tatra poisťujúca účastinná spoločnosť (Tatra Participatory Insurance Company) was established in Bratislava. Until 1945 it was the largest insurance company in the territory of the Slovak State. Poisťovňa Tatra was founded in 1995 and in 1996 it acquired a license for provision of insurance services. In May 2008 Poštová banka acquired 100% shares and Poisťovňa Tatra insurance company became a member of Poštová banka Group. In 2008 the insurance company changed its name to Poisťovňa Poštovej banky, a.s.

The insurance company’s vision is to become a leader in providing basic financial services in small towns and villages.

It provides its clients the possibility of getting a housing insurance, travel insurance, but also an insurance of the ability to repay loan. A unique product on the Slovak market is the funeral costs insurance. Other popular products include capital life insurance and unit linked insurance.



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