About us

ISTROKAPITAL Group is a Central European company and one of the major financial groups of the Central European region. Its presence in the Slovak market dates back to 1996 and its portfolio includes companies providing comprehensive services namely in banking and finance sector. Company’s goal is to support its continuous growth, stability and a strong market position.

The corporate culture of ISTROKAPITAL is based on a long tradition, vast experience and loyal people working for the company. The group honours and respects ethical values ​​and responsibility. The company representatives strive to achieve the shared objectives both in their professional and private lives.
What connects them beyond their professional life is sport. Characteristics necessary for achieving success in sports, such as perseverance, discipline, ambition, but also humanity and helping others are necessary for the representatives of the group also in achieving their shared business goals. That is why ISTROKAPITAL became a credible, professional and successful group.

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